My art is unknown in this wonderful city but its said a dream can be seen on every street corner. So, I hope you enjoy looking at my drawings and sculpture.

I have favorite places I work and the subway is one. The rumbling movement of cars are packed with faces, hands, and shoes, the upright and slouching postures, the common time between destinations. And I enjoy the company of people. Once a young lady sitting next to me asked “when do you know when to stop.” And I didn’t have an answer. Then she talked about commitment and giving oneself a chance. What one learns in this city is not to stop.

And in Brooklyn there is a particular building with a ramp and a light above so I can sit at night in the fresh air. The view is a ragged street with warehouses and leaning light poles and dark bicyclists speeding west into the Manhattan horizon. I can hear dogs bark. And somehow I feel I am participating.

And I work on park benches amongst wonderful trees and lawns watching young people play kickball, and on the hottest summer days hasidics in black with white dress shirts playing baseball against bright uniformed teams.

And I love my room in the middle of this city. I like the sounds of sirens and honking, the driving rain of cars, laughter and yells on the avenue, and no matter how late I can see city stars, dim and yellow windows of light. Unknown but not alone.

This project is ongoing and will continuously be added to as new work is completed. Work can also be viewed at my blog, Tom Cleveland-Drawing NYC. There is the opportunity to purchase prints, editions or books and some of the sculptures are available or can be commissioned.

If you have comments or interest in my unknown art, please contact me. Thank you very much.