There are over a 1,100 images viewable on this website, so the navigation is designed to allow you to dip into the collection in some unconventional ways.

From the homepage you can select one of the nine thumbnails to view a larger version of that image or you can click one of the arrows at the ends of the squiggly line to view a randomly selected image from the first half of the collection (left arrow) or the last half (right) — and you can try this at the bottom of this page too.

Once you’ve made one of these selections, the nine thumbnails will allow you to choose which of the neighboring images you wish to view next (four on either side of the one you first selected) or you can click the left and right arrows to move to the previous or next group of nine images. There is also a floating arrow to the right of the main image which will always give you that “go to a random image” if you feel like seeing what comes up that way.

You can bookmark any image-page to come back to it if you see some that you like.

Or, if you notice a sculpture or drawing that you like, make a note of the number and you can search for it directly here.

Or, you can search for “drawing” or “sculpture” to see an array of all the thumbnails for either category and make your selection from there.